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Massage:              To Melt Away Stress...

Swedish Massage: This can relax muscles, improve circulation without        increasing heart load, relieve pain and discomfort associated with muscle        tension, stimulates the skin and nervous system while at the same time  relaxing    the nerves themselves, help reduce emotional and physical stress. It is often recommended as part of a regular program for stress management. Safe for new moms. 30 min $40, 60 min $60, 90 min $95  

Deep Tissue : A customized massage using deep tissue techniques, heated muscle packs and muscle treatment balm to relieve tension. 30 min $45,  60min $65, 90 min $100. 

Hot Basalt Massage: Heated stones are massaged into sore muscles to melt away tension and relieve stress. 30 min $65, 60 min $85, 90 min $115 

Reflexology: This ancient treatment stimulates specific points along the feet for their healing benefits. 30 min $40,  60 min $75

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